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VIXX As Roman Gods!
From Harry Potter to Roman Gods!!!! I know that some of you have seen this already and that other cards have been posted about it, but I thought I would post my own as well.
As most of you know, Vixx promised they would dress up as Roman Gods if "Dynamite" got a specific number of views! And since STARLIGHT made this happen, they did a special dance video in their costumes as promised! It's nice to see the boys having fun and goofing off isn't it? I'm so proud of Vixx and what they've accomplished since their debut, they're the reason I started listening to KPOP in the first place and I love these boys to pieces!
You can watch the video here! ⬇️
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this was so funny😂😂😂😂
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I haven't even heard dynamite yet 〒_〒〒_〒
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@CuteBabyLay Really?!
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....I should really pray more..
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