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9 Lessons When It Comes To Your First Real Relationship

Real love, I'm searching for a real love.

We can all relate to Mary J. Blige's lyrics. Whether you've been in a real relationship, you're currently in one or patiently waiting for that special day, we all know what we will and will not tolerate. Many people go into a new relationship with expectations and while that happens to be the norm, it's something we should all learn to stray away from. Expectations are the corridor to being let down.
Real relationships have both their ups and their downs, but at the end of the day you don't let anything come in between you and yours because it's something that happens to be real. Reddit put together a thread [see here] where people in relationships dished on the lessons they've learned throughout their first real courtship & each and every response hit the nail on the head. Keep scrolling to see what knowledge people dropped.
"When trust goes the relationship follows after." —44elite444
"That an end to a once beautiful relationship is something you can recover from." —pandafoxshark
"How incredibly important it is to find someone that is of, or around, the same emotional and mental maturity as you. Also don't ignore red flags. If there is recurring behavior that gives you pause, listen to that feeling." —TacticalTruth
"You're far better off finding someone you're compatible with than trying to mold the first person who shows interest into someone you'd actually want to date." —Just_Move_Out
"Your partner is your best friend, but shouldn't be your ONLY friend." —Teaquanox
"You can't save someone, they have to save themselves." —StudebakerHotch
"There are worse things than being single." —CatRugLZol
"Someone can claim to be completely in love with you one day and wake up the next day wanting nothing to do with you. And it's not always your fault." —string
"Try to be the partner you would want to have." —TheOne-ArmedMan

What's one important lesson you learned from your first relationship?

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same here! they were great and memorable @Jasminep96
2 years ago·Reply
I love it! I think we should all strive to be that person daily @keith2web
2 years ago·Reply
sometimes you didnt realize how much you love someone until you make the dumb decision to let them go.
2 years ago·Reply
yep! and that's usually when it all sinks in @jazziejazz
2 years ago·Reply
we all change a little for our partners but the key is not losing ourselves in the process.. that's the best advice I can give
2 years ago·Reply