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Day 2- The Happy Virus.
Yay we get to do Chanyeol.... er- I mean make a card for our reaction king :D
Park ChanYeol- he is handsome, cute and adorable. I just have to watch past interviews ot shows that hes in to make me smile. (him and Xiumin but shhh, don't tell him that)
see original post on @PrincessUnicorn
and wherever my Unnie @EmilyPeacock is... lol
My Ultimate Kpop Fam:
The OVERDOSE squad~(borrowed list of course)
he issss the Best ❤❤😄👌👌
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I love this guy
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In my opinion, Chanyeol is the cutest one out of all the members of EXO
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I am in love with the grid with the fire!
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