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I Can't...
After seeing this for someone to hate BTS so much they make a whole Twitter page about them. Haters like this make more hate in the world. No one owns a piece of clothing but the designer that made it .Copying of concepts is nothing as long as the songs are different ,which they are. No one owns the word "Youth." It breaks my heart to see people hating on Bangtan.
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@LeannePratt. I agree I love EXO too. Both Bangtan and EXO are my favorite k pop groups.
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I like Exo and I love BTS but I would never say Exo is gay. Why can't people stop hating? BTS and Exo and every other group is amazing to someone so no need to hate just cause they aren't your cup of tea!
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as an Exo-L this genuinely pisses me off.
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Hahaha wouldn't count you as an EXO-L
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