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Sad Fan Made Kancolle Manga Art!馃槩 Stay Strong Kids
I can't bear to see my babies lose their sister, seeing their faces, Hibiki's face especially just breaks my heart into pieces! I could make a What-if story in the Bionic Magic King Where Zakku believes his Daughter Akatsuki isn't dead just MIA or has been eaten by a Zodiac Gastrea! What do you think? @Aimebolanos @tylor619cruz @SAMURXAI @SimoneSanders #Kancolle #Hibiki #Ikazuchi #Inazuma #6thDestroyerDivsion #MyDaughters #Sadness #TheBionicMagicKing
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Me too These are my Daughters after all... I can't imagine losing any of them
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sound interesting go for it
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...dude :(
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@ChienWeiHuang Don't worry it's fan made
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@BlackoutZJ I know but still, watching that anime was hard enough already
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