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So I watched the audio for the Epilogue concert and all I can say is PERFECT!! They did a great job and I could tell it was a very emotional time for them just from hearing it. BTS was my first Kpop group so I got really choked up when they started crying. They have been through so much and us ARMY's have been through everything with them.
I know they performed with everything they had and killed it. I couldn't be any more proud of them. They have worked so hard and it looks like it paying off!!
So much growth!! I can't get over the growth these boys have been through! I hope they continue growing and I will be right there with them all the way.
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I totally agree! Artistically they've matured and grown so much in such a short time! Proud of these hard-working babies!💛💛💛
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They had done so WELL!!!!! proud of them!!!!
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ill always support them! an amry all the way!!!!
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