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When you think of weave or hair extensions, the first thing that probably comes to most people's mind is black women.
Contrary to popular belief, that's not the case. Hair extensions are not subject to just one ethnicity. Believe it or not Kim Kardashian and all of her sisters have rocked a good lace front wig at some point in their life.
While not everyone throws in some bundles of hair when they see fit, it's more common amongst other ethnicities than you would think including caucasians. In the video depicted below, white women get a weave put in their hair for the first time.
Now if you've ever gotten a weave before, you know that it can be somewhat painful from the braids to getting stuck with the pen in your scalp, but beauty is pain. To see if the women in the video are up for the challenge, keep scrolling to check it out below.

Have you ever gotten a weave in your hair before?

Would you ever get a weave installed?
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why you're hated? I don't understand? @VixilCastillo lol
well if one day the person has short hair and another day she has very long hair I would call that out especially if she claims it's real <- the nicest way I can put it I also had the horrifying experience of seeing the hair at the trash can and the floor. I thought it was a monster and went to my room to grab a couple of knives and my phone to call animal control.
LOL! as long as she's honest, I don't see the issue. but if she's claiming it's all hers, you might want to check and see what else she's claiming is all hers too haha @VixilCastillo
@jordanhamilton OK take no offense but are black woman sensitive about their hair?
Not at all. We take pride in hair. Fake and real @VixilCastillo