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Fellas, according to the video seen below, unless you're ready to argue -- this is one question you should never ask your woman: 'Baby, What's Wrong?'
While I can beg to differ for several reasons, we can take this debate to the comment section below. Let's talk this one out right quick and nip it in the bud once and for all.

Ladies, do you feel some type of way when your man asks you 'what's wrong'?

Fellas, does this video seem accurate or exaggerated?
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@Arellano1052 Sorry for deleting that response. When I re-read it, using realized it may have come off a bit judgmental and projecting, and I was not intending to be. I was just wanting to clarify what I meant previously. I do agree that in a close healthy relationship, "What's wrong?" is a perfectly reasonable question, most of the time. But some circumstances and a great many people require a more delicate approach, and that was all I was trying to get at. I really meant no offense, and I appreciate your candor.
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@BeannachtOraibh Oh /.\ It wasn't taken that way! There's no need to apologize or feel any negativity regarding anything! I was quite enjoying the exchange!
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asking what's wrong is equivalent to setting the house on fire...actually you may die faster from the second one
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i just as slapped her with a pizza and said TALK @jordanhamilton
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