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So, since it's Sunday, I thought I'd write another chapter to the story I started for my first Fanfic Friday, hope you like it ^-^ ONCE AGAIN THIS IS LATE IM SORRY (I've decided that the title of this story will be called Timid Attractions)
(Just really enjoy that pic^) Cree's POV "CREEDANCE LOMORA EVERWAY, GET YOUR LITTLE BUTT OUT OF YOUR ROOM AND MAKE YOURSELF DECENT, THE MOVING VAN IS GONNA BE HERE IN 20 MINUTES!" My mother's frazzled voiced rang out from down the hall. I groaned and rolled out of bed. Literally. I didn't realize how close I was to the edge of my mattress and was met by a faceful of wooden flooring, causing me to groan again. As I forced myself to stand, I stumbled to my small closet and grabbed the first shirt I saw. Most of my clothes were packed away in boxes, in my now bare room. I decided I would just wear the joggers I wore to sleep because I didn't feel like digging through the boxes for a pair of jeans. Throwing on the clean shirt, I walked about my room, looking for a brush. A sharp knock came from outside my door. "Sweetheart, may I come in?" I heard my father ask from the other side. He always knocked and waited for my permission before he entered my room. He respected my privacy, unlike my mother, who had no issue just barging in as she pleased. "Yea, its unlocked." I replied, finally finding my blue brush, starting to brush out my frizzy bedhead. The knob clicked quietly as my dad entered the room. "I just wanted to check on you before we have to go. Are you ok with everything?" He asked, leaning against my wall. I sighed, setting my brush down on my bed. I began to braid it to get it out of my face as I spoke. "It's not like I'm furious with the facf that we're moving to an entirely new country where I don't know anyone, or the area, but I'm not estatic either..." I mumbled, tying off the end of my braid with a black rubber band. I heard my father take a deep inhale before he responded to me. "I understand this is hard for you, but just look on the bright side. You get to make new friends, and you get to see a whole new place." I turned to face him, and let my arms hang at my sides. "Dad, I know you're trying your best, but South Korea just doesn't sound appealing to me at the moment." I said, before slipping on my shoes and stepping into the hallway. "Oh, you actually listened to me! Good sweetheart, now could you go downstairs and let the moving van workers in? We're gonna pack up the truck and we'll be on our way." My mother said, walking out of the bathroom. I nodded, and padded down the stairs, stopping at the first flight. I hopped over the railing and landed on the floor, and chuckled when I heard my mom's terrified shriek. "I told you to stop doing that!" She yelled, clutching the part of her chest where her heart was. "Do I ever listen though?" I shot back, making my dad snicker, but I could see my mom biting back a smile. I opened the door and a few workers stepped inside and started taking boxes and furniture out to the large U-Haul van. I walked outside and sat at the curb, looking across the street to my best friend Jamie's house. He was out of state in Nevada. He knew that by the time he got back I would be gone. Before he had left two weeks ago, we had a little pity party with just the 2 of us. ~ flashback ~ "I can't believe that after 11 years of us living across the street from each other, you're just gonna leave me." Jamie exclaimed, flopping dramatically onto his messy bed. I rolled my eyes. "It's not like I want to, I'm being forced." I said, grabbing a handful of chips from the bowl on the floor. "Let's chain ourselves to your mailbox!" He said, in the most serious tone he could muster. I burst out laughing, with him soon following after. "I don't think my parents would react well to that Jamie." I managed to get out, as I tried to catched my breath. Jamie smiled sadly and he looked at my house from his window. Our bedrooms were right across from each other, so we would always spend countless nights using flashlights to talk to each other. When we were 9, we both learned morse code so we could chat when we were supposed to be asleep. "It just doesn't seem real. We had plans. We were gonna graduate together. We were gonna go to prom together. We were gonna be best friends forever, but now you leaving, just like that..." He said, his voice cracking a bit as a tear slid down his cheek. My eyes watered at the sight and I flung my arms around him. "Don't cry, then I'm gonna cry." I mumbled. Jamie returned my hug, embracing me so tightly I could hardly breathe, but I didn't care. "Promise that even though we'll live in completly different time zones, you won't forget me. I don't care if its the break of dawn or the brink of midnight, promise you'll still talk to me everyday." Jamie said, his voice muffled by my shoulder. My grip around him tightened more than it already was. "I promise. I swear on my life. We're gonna stay best friends forever, just like we said when we were 4..." ~ end of flashback ~ "I promised...I swear I won't ever break that promise..." I whispered to myself. Before I knew it, I was in the back seat of my parents' car, as we began our journey to the airport. ~ timeskip 24 hours cause I can ~ When we finally reached our new house, it was early in the morning. The new timezone was gonna take some getting used to, but I would manage. Workers were in and out as we unloaded our boxes into the big space. The house was big. Certainly bigger than our old house. After about an hour, all the boxes were inside. "The van with all your furniture should be here tomorrow. The ship got held up. Sorry about that sir." One of the workers said, bowing slightly to my father. He smiled and shook his head. "No worries, thank you for all your help." He replied, waving it off. I decided to walk around the neighborhood to get the feel of it, but right when I opened the door, I was met by 2 adults and a boy. The lady looked as though she was about to knock, and we all look startled. "U-Uh...h-hello..." I stuttered out, my face darkening into a deep blush. The boy smiled, as did the man and lady. "Oh hello there dear! My, aren't you just the prettiest little thing I've ever seen!" The lady spoke, her bright smile shining. My mother and father came to the door, all smiles as well. "Oh hi! You must be our neighbors! Come in, come in! Please don't mind the boxes, we just finished unloaded the truck." my mom welcomed the strangers into our home. They walked in and stood in the living area. The woman stuck her hand out and my mother shook it. "My name is Jung Hani (making up names dun kill me) and this is my husband Jung Seokhan." Mrs. Jung said sweetly. Mr. Jung shook hands with my father as my mom spoke up. "I'm Mange Everway, and this is my husband Xiu Everyway." She introduced herself and my father. Suddenly I was pushed in front of them. "And this is my daughter Creedance. She's 15." Mr and Mrs. Jung smiled at me and their son walked to stand in front of me. He bowed slightly to my parents and gave me a cheerful smile. "I'm Hoseok, but you can call me Hobi!" He exclaimed. I giggled a bit before answering. "Y-You can call me Cree..." "Now that we're all introduced, we wanted to invite you and your family to our house for dinner." Mr. Jung said. My father smiled and nodded. "We'd love too, we'll be by around 7, how's that?" "Perfect! We'll see you then!" Mrs. Jung said. Once the Jung family left, my mother shoved me towards a box of my clothes. "Pick something nice to wear. That boy is cute!" I swear my mom is out to humiliate me.... (HOPE YOU LIKED)