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So anyone who knows anything about Undertale knows who Sans is. He's the punny (older?) brother of the skele-bros. He's portrayed as a lazy and carefree type of guy. His info says he's the easiest monster in the game with only 1 ATK 1 DEF and can only inflict 1 damage at a time. We know better though... Behind that huge smile, and underneath that blue hoodie is an insanely powerful being. His is one of, if not the, most difficult fights in the whole game. He has a hidden ability, "Karmic Retribution," which removes your normal invincibility frames and allows all of Sans' attacks to deal constant damage. He can teleport anywhere he wants to in the world (popular theory that he jumps through the code if the game) using his, "shortcuts." On top of that, Sans is so fast that you can't hit him until after he's tired himself out and falls asleep. Even then, in a split second, he wakes up and dodges that initial attack... which he follows up by gloating and letting his guard down long enough for a surprise attack. With all this in mind, one question burns in my mind... what if Sans absorbed the six souls?
I've got the inclination that Sans is strong enough to display the attributes of two aspects of human souls without actually having absorbed any. What if Sans absorbed all six of the human souls though? With his already insane amount of power and speed, he could very easily overtake Asgore for the six souls should he ever feel need. On top of that, we know that when we fight Sans, he's actaully putting forth effort to stop you. He says himself that he, "Can't afford to not care." He's aware of the amount of times he's killed you, and will continue to do so until either you as the player gives up, or he dies. Imagine fighting the same power Omega Flowey has, but on top of that is the power Sans already had, but stronger. Heck, I'd says Sans' soul is close to being as strong as a human soul, and if he absorbed the six souls at the time we came around, he may have had just enough power to bring down the barrier. With that in mind, and the large amounts of Undertale AU's, it definitely a possibility that Sans did absorb six human souls. Maybe he ends up looking the same, but with godly levels of power...
Maybe he ends up like the Underfell version of Sans (which is badass looking!) ............ or maybe, Sans would end up like another Undertale character I'm dying to talk about, but need more information for... Maybe he ends up like the mystery himself... the Third Font... The missing doctor... The Man Who Talks in Hands...
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....woah.... my mind is blown right now