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The Atlanta Hawks were swept yesterday in the semi-finals of the Eastern Conference playoffs yesterday.
This is a huge off-season for the Hawks. Their most valuable player Al Horford becomes a free agent this summer. Al is in his prime and playing amazing basketball. Last year, he averaged 15 points, 8 rebounds and 3 assists per game. Al is known as a extremely good defender and efficient offensive player.
At the age of 29, Al still has a handful of quality seasons left in him. He can guard power forwards or centers. It isn't far fetched to think that Al will receive a handsome pay day this year if he stays or leaves the Hawks.
Al has to come to terms with Atlanta and the product they have on deck. Can this team contend? Do they have enough to go over the top next year? Does it make more sense to start fresh somewhere with new pieces?

Is Al Horford done in Atlanta?

Yeah looks like it
To win it? It's still going to take a long time before they will win a championship.