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Hi Ikon fanatics! I am back with Part 7 of the Ikon Screenshot Story Game! Again, I am sorry for taking a while to post and update things.

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Link----› ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Words to Know: (Y/S/N)-Your Stage Name 'Pick your own Stage Name' (TeaseBoy)=#3 Guy from last game who you secretly desire, teased and pleasured you (TargetBoy)=He is the person you got that you will be targeting. He's also number 3 but on Part 5 of the game. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Last part ended with (TeaseBoy) once again teasing you and leaving you wanting more of him. Now he knows how to get to you...
2 hours Have Gone by and Your Hormones Have Calmed Down A bit. You started to get bored so you decided to take A nap. You fell In A deep Sleep Because When You woke up, you saw that someone was in The Room With You. It was (TargetBoy) “I-im Sorry If I woke You up” He said “It’s okay don’t Worry You didn’t Wake Me” You replied You realized That You were in the same room With Your Target. That Brought A big Smile On Your face Because You can go on With Your Plan. You grabbed your neck pretending that it hurt and was sore. “Are You Okay Y/S/N?” He says “My neck has been killing me but other than that, I’m Okay” You say back "D-do you um want me to give you a massage?" At that moment, you thought to yourself, I got him. "If you don't mine, that would be great" You say with a smile. He then goes towards you and sits behind you. His hand on your neck giving you a massage. Even thought you didn't need it, it felt great. "Ohhh man this feels so good" You say as you moan You could feel (TargetBoy) tense up a bit after hearing you let out the moan. He kept massaging you and an idea popped into your head.
The Idea That Popped Into Your head. You saw that what you did got a reaction out of him. This pleased you very much. Then you thought... Maybe I can get my frustration out on him. I can tell he wants me, but then again, I'll feel like a terrible person for doing this to him. He seems like a nice person even though he's part of my kidnappers. Your head started to hurt from all the thinking you were doing you didn't even notice he had stopped massaging you. He was now standing in front of you. "What's wrong (TargetBoy?) Are you okay? " You say "I-I'm fine, just been holding out on something I've been wanting to do ever since I saw you in person" He replies "What is it? Maybe I can help you" You say biting your lip looking at him You then got on your knees still biting your lip getting closer to his crotch that was right in front of you. He bit his lip and a light growl slipped out of him. You smirked and said to him....
What You Said To Him This excited him and his friend that was popping out in his pants. He started breathing fast and couldn't control himself anymore looking at you close to his bulge and on your knees. He then..
What He Did You didn't feel nothing by what he did but you saw the opportunity to get him deep into you right now so you can escape from them once and for all. His hands started touching you all over your body, his mouth touching your neck, shoulders. You went along with it even though you didn't want to. Both of you were now panting that you decided to grab his crotch. He let out a moan of pleasure. "Uhhh Yes yes Y/S/N!" He says while nibbling your neck. Then something popped into your head. Hopefully this works You thought to yourself "You know what would be so great (TargetBoy)" You whisper in his ear seductively as you rub his penis faster "Ahh Fuck! W-what is baby, Uhhh Y-Yes! " He replies moaning You then get your body closer to him as you whisper seductively again in his ear "If I wasn't tied up, I would make you feel like the luckiest man alive. I would make your body tremble with pleasure like you can't ever imagine" "Fuck..." He says turned on even more He then leaves the room and comes back a few minutes later holding something in his hands. It was the key. You tried not to show the excitement or you will give yourself away. He came towards you, bent down and set you free. "All set Y/S/N. Now where were we? " He says with a smirk A smile crept up on your face as you lounged yourself on top of him lightly bringing him down to the floor. You took his shirt off, then his pants and out sprung his penis. You saw the smirk on his face and you bit your lip. "Are you ready to feel so good? " You say as you leaned into his body to whisper in his ear "Fuck Yes, I'm ready" You then pulled your pajamas down and told him to close his eyes, which he did. You placed your hands on his chest going down to his hard-on. Then you started stroking going slowly, then a little fast, then faster. He was moaning so loud you hoped no one can hear him. Then you remembered, no one can hear you from down here. You then sat on his hard-on and you couldn't help but let out a moan too. Then you started moving your hips going slow to faster. He couldn't help but grab your thighs from the pleasure he was getting. He still had his eyes closed but after a few minutes, he then opened his eyes and switched positions with you. You bit your lip looking at him. He looked at you back also biting his lip. He was about to put himself inside you but you stopped him to say.. "W-wait" "What is it love? " He replied confused but panting "I need water, Can you get me the water bottle behind you first before we continue" You say to him "Sure thing Love" He stood up to go get it and I got up right after his back was to me. "I don't see no water bott-" Before he could finish his sentence, He fell to the floor. "I'm sorry (TargetBoy) But I need to get out of here once and for all" You say holding a metal pipe. To Be Continued....
*screams* OMG! I wonder who the member it was for y'all that ended up getting hit by that metal pipe :O Hope you enjoyed this part! :) Once again, i know it was short but like I said before, I'm almost finishing up with this Game so the next one's may be short as well...we'll see tho hehehe

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