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As we all know, Tao's departure from EXO has brought along many tears. But he's been doing some work of his own, and that includes song releases! He recently collaborated with Wiz Khalifa in his new track, "Hello, Hello".
We all know Wiz Khalifa became a hit after his song, "See You Again". But did you know he was featured in Tao's new song?! Give it a listen ;)

What do you think about this song?

Tao's voice sounds so soothing and his rap was so well thought out. His lyrics make me pretty sad, though. Many people can say it's about a love story gone wrong but I think it's a message about SM and EXO disguised to be a love song.
I love Z.TAO so much but I feel, as though, he is changing and I'm really worried because he is not the same little sweet, fluffy panda that he used to be. 😳😟😒
@daljiyong I know but I feel as though he is going down the wrong path & I just don't want to see him struggle. I love him way too much to see him get hurt. 😟😒😭
@JasminMartinez That's true.. but he will always be our little Gucci Panda in our hearts! We should remember he is trying to gain a new identity after leaving EXO, so he is bound to change... :(