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I could just scatter them on the wall and throw a dart! Currently, my Plan to Watch list on my MAL consists of 26 anime series, and I'm sure I'm missing a ton! For this card, I'm going big with One Piece. That's right, I have never watched One Piece. It's so daunting, but I'm hoping to start whittling at it soon! Gotta round out my Shonen Jump "Big 4" (Bleach, One Piece, Naruto, and Fairy Tail)! Since this card is about an anime I haven't seen, sadly, I can't pack it with awesome pics and content like I usually do, cuz I don't wanna risk stumbling upon spoilers, and I couldn't put a good, coherent card together even if I wanted to because I don't know what I'm talking about! So I'll shut up now! UPDATE: I finally started it and I'm loving it!
Gintama is also high on the list because it just looks like such a troll anime, my cheeks will surely ache from uncontrollable smiling!
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@UzumakiJess oh I know I won't! And I'm glad RWBY is on your list cuz it's awesome!
You won't be able to stop it once you start. 😊 For me, it RWBY (think that's right). Really wanna watch it just haven't yet. My list is super long, same as yours. Lol
ive never watched one piece because i LOVE Fairy Tail and they're always pitted against each other so i would feel like im betraying FT by watching it lol
in talking about gintama heard it's funny
I need to watch this soon