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Chanyeol Through the Ages
Our quirky tall giraffe.... how did he become this amazing person? Let's start from the beginning....
MAMA 2012
XOXO 2013
Growl 2013
MID (Miracles in December) 2013
Overdose 2014
Exodus 2015
Love Me Right 2015
Sing for You 2015
Which Chanyeol era "style" did you like the best? I personally like Chanyeol's crazy white~blonde hair from Love Me Right but of course he's beautiful no matter what.
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love me right was amazing!!!
a year ago·Reply
I going more towards the Exodus era because he had the sweater neck thing with his name on it. 😊
a year ago·Reply
I choose....ALL!!
a year ago·Reply
I love him in all of the eras but the Love Me Right Era was my favorite. I love how white-gray hair!!! 😍😍😍😍
a year ago·Reply