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I mean it's definitely true.. Not everyone can be committed to One Piece like I am. 馃槀 But that's not the only reason I can't get my friends to watch it.... Only one of my friends watches anime at all! 馃槀馃槱馃槓 PEOPLE DONT UNDERSTAND ME!!
@TravisSimpkins true my brother asked why I kept watching over and over again. i simple replied I can't get enough of ONE PIECE
It's ok I feel the same I have watched it twice and everyone refuses to watch it but it's at least only four weeks and that's a lot of extra time to watch it all
I will admit, Naruto is the only anime that I did skip the fillers in... People complain about the filler in Bleach but it's nothing compared to Naruto filler. Lol
every episodes is worth it though
@UzumakiJess sorry if I ruined it or anything but it's def epic but te manga will def amaze you since it goes above and beyond id say and you get to see the huge change in Tite Kubo's art style throughout the manga as he progresses and the story gets better. And I love bleach was one of my first lengthy animes to watch and I still love it I wish they would continue it honestly but idk if it will happen :/ can only wish but they have some good fillers is say honestly vs a lot of other animes.
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