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THE MYSTERY OF LOVE. Love is the enduring value about a person that gives you a sense of his or her importance to you... You don't just wake up to say "AM IN LOVE". Been in love is sacrificial. You must first know and fear God, before you can express genuine Love. Love can be sweet as honey or the opposite... It depends on you... Love is like a seed that needs to grow... Don't leave him because he does not have money and don't leave her because of beauty or because you've seen everything about her. Unless you never loved him or her. when in love, your partner becomes your concern... It's not about what you'll get but what you'll give... It has nothing to do with money, status, properties, complexion, language e.t.c Love exists among people and not just between the opposite sex... It exists among females, males, workers, families, parents e.t.c. Some people especially ladies, believes that the guy who buys them gifts, gives them money, takes them out e.t.c is the guy that loves and cares about them... They are wrong... Someone who has money may give to you but it isn't necessarily because they love you... If i desire to buy you a gift but lacks the money, it doesn't mean that i don't love you. Love is not based on conditions... I do hear some people say that if you love me, then buy me this and that... Such person is ignorant of what love is. If two people are in love, they both give to themselves... It is not one person that gives. There is no special day to express love, it is expressed everyday.... Love is the basis of life. For the fact that you're married, in a relationship or a romantic affair does not mean that you're in love or been loved... It might surprise you that HE or SHE does not even love you... People get Married for different reasons.... People are in relationships for different reasons.... Been sexually attracted to someone does not mean that you're in love with them neither does it mean that they love you. SEX is not a PROOF of LOVE.... If sex was a proof of LOVE, our mothers and fathers will have to do it with us in order to prove how much they love us. Love is what makes you see the good in people, despite the fact that you've been hurt by them. Love is what moves you to celebrate other people's success without been jealous. Love is what makes you not feel that you're better than others... You don't pay back evil if you love the person... Please try and show sincere love to that person, that neighbor, that house help, your husband, wife, spouse and even your enemies as God instructed......... If you find this useful, feel free to comment and share.... Don't forget... I LOVE YOU SPECIALLY.... Have a wonderful day.