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Yugioh Zexal is a series that was instantly hated by many a fan, but is this hate warranted? Does this hate derive from it being more like a commercial? Or does it deserve a look because of it's Anime characteristics? Let's find out :D

The Plot:

Well grab some popcorn because this is going to take a while. In this new age of dueling came XYZ monsters and with these XYZ came the "Numbers" 100 powerful cards each unique in there own way. Then Yuma comes in contact with an Astral being from Astral world named Astral xD and discovers that Astral must now collect these Numbers to regain his memories. But the two soon find themselves stopped by the villain known as Tron. Tron is a former scientists betrayed by a friend he now seeks revenge against them and he aims to get it by way of using his family the Arclight Brothers. Each stripped of their names and given a number III, IV, and V are to help their father aim for his goal, to get enough power to destroy Dr.Faker. Dr.Faker's plan is to Capture Numbers using his son Kaito Tenjo who is known as the Numbers hunter to destroy Astral world so that he may save his younger son Haruto Tenjo. With all these new powerful threats Yuma and Astral have to gain a new power, the power of ZEXAL!

The Characters:

The main three protagonist of the show Yuma Taukumo, Shark aka Ryoga Kamishiro, and Kaito Tenjo. Each has deep and meaningful character development and motivations. Yuma wants to help collect the numbers for Astral, Shark is dueling to get revenge for his sister, and Kaito duels for his brother collecting numbers so that his brother Haruto can be cured of his illnesses.

Character Development:

I really like the character development in this one. Characters of importance go through logical changes rather than radical out of the blue ones. Take Astral for example when he first appeared he was an egotistical unemotional character, but as time went on through the experiences he had with Yuma he became a much better person caring, and devoted now more than just about himself but about those around him. Or the Arclight brothers III wanted to protect his brothers, IV wanted to be loved by their father, and V wanted to help his father return to normal even if it meant Tron getting his revenge or at V's own peril. Development like this is practical and one other shows like this can/should take to heart.

The Animation:

Animation is very good here, there's plenty of fluid movement without a loss of detail or color, which is important when you have a lot of fast moving characters transitioning frame to frame. On a voice acting note I STRONGLY advise watching the Japanese dub vs the English dub. Nothing against the English voice actors but the Japanese dub carries more emotion and weight through the dialogue than the english dub, even the catchphrase sounds better KATTOBINGU vs I'm feeling the flow!

The villains:

First is Tron or Byron Arclight, Faker betrayed Byron by sacrificing him and Kazuma to Barian world. Byron traversed the land living only off of his hatred and need for revenge his body transformed into the child villain Tron. Tron wanted revenge against Faker and was using any means tomdo so his three sons, Corrupting Shark and taking over Haruto's body in his Duel with Kaito, nothing is beneath him in his means to get to Faker. Fortunately he was stopped by Yuma who made him have a change of heart and that revenge was not the answer forgiveness was. Secondly is Dr.Faker a corrupted soul torn only trying to make up for his mistakes he made a bargain with a barian from Barian World so that he could heal his ill son. When he decided he no longer wanted to pursue Yuma or the Numbers the Barian took over his body and forced him to go through on their bargain only to be foiled by the three protagonist Yuma,Shark, and Kaito.

The Merchandise Element:

The Merchandise element is very strong here focusing on ALWAYS letting you know that these XYZ cards exist and without them you cannot win. This approach is bad luckily they have some "Anime only" rules for most of these cards however if you see the card in action chances are your going to want to buy them let alone if your a collector.

Answer Question: Anime or Commercial?

Yugioh Zexal is an anime it has a SUPER slow start and with its focus so heavily on Xyz monsters this slow start could be seen as a commercial anime. However it does get increasingly better as time goes on with decent character development and some awesome fight sequences. There are quite a few episodes that are more or less filler episodes and this season doesn't take itself to seriously but the heart an emotion is there where it counts and can pull out your heart strings quite a bit. Thanks for reading my card, I do hope you enjoyed it and have an awesome one :D. Arigato Nakama!
@hikaymm It's not bad just know as I said in the card it takes some time for stuff to pick up and get going.
I never gave it a chance, so I never had a reason to hate or not hate it. Maybe I will!