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Day 2 Chanyeol card #3
Okay we all know that Chanyeol is an excellent rapper and composer. Did you know he can sing in English? I didn't know that he could do such a good job singing in English. I love his cover of John Legend 's song "all of me". I found a clip of it on YouTube from one of their concerts. What do you think of it?
Chanyeol is also an actor besides being a rapper/singer/composer. One of my dramas is EXO next door. Chanyeol and D.O are the leads of this mini drama.
This one of my favorite episode which ep 12. This where you get the idea the two main actors knew each other as kids.
Here is a trailer of new movie "So I married an anti-fan" I think that's the title. It comes out in June. It's seems like a good movie. It kind of remind me of that kdrama that Siwon came out in "Oh my lady" I think it was called.