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A smut imagine with a bit of plot. Let me know how it turned out!! Check out my recent Chanyeol fluff HERE!!!!
“Meeting in fifteen minutes.” Your manager called out lifelessly across your team’s cubicles.
You sighed as you frantically finished typing up the team’s proposal. It had been a week since the task had been assigned to you, but it took up until yesterday for the rest of your team to send their information to you. Actually, it had taken two days longer for Park Chanyeol to send his work, so it was really his fault for your time crunch.
“It’ll be your fault if all of this falls through,” a head popped up over the top of your cubicle, “if you can’t get that proposal written up.”
“And whose fault is it if I can’t, Chanyeol?” Your reply came out slightly bitter.
“Is that how you speak to your elders, Y/N?” Your head finally snapped up so you could look at him.
“You’re three months older than me, Park. That hardly makes you an elder.”
Chanyeol shrugged, “But you still call me oppa when you’re drunk.” Your eyes widened and you shot up as you picked up the nearest item—the proposal draft—and smacked him over the top of the head with it. He whined and sat back down as you quietly seethed. No one in the office even batted an eyelash at the outburst—the bickering between the two of you was commonplace.
With a few minutes to spare, you finished the document and printed it out. As your team walked to the conference room, Chanyeol leaned in to whisper in your ear.
“Let’s hope you didn’t fuck anything up when writing. Especially my stuff, I need to look as good as I do physically.” Gritting your teeth, you swiftly snapped your head to the side, knocking it into Chanyeol’s. The angle minimized the pain to yourself, but the kicked-puppy whine that came from Chanyeol proved that the same could not be said for him. Without even looking in his direction, you entered the conference room with your colleagues.
“Well done Y/N!” Your manager patted your shoulder with a smile on his face, “You’re write-up was flawless and was definitely the deciding factor that got our project approved.” A pleased smile crossed your face as you bowed in thanks.
“Should we all eat out to celebrate the success, sir?” Chanyeol piped up, eyes sparkling at the idea of meat.
“That sounds like a great idea, Chanyeol.” the manager looked around at the other team members, “Food will be on me tonight, everyone!”
Everyone had already blown through eight bottles of soju by the time most of the food was gone, three of which were just between you and Chanyeol.
“Oppa! Why are you such an asshole?” Your words were slightly slurred as you gave Chanyeol a fake glare. No one else was even paying attention to your bickering.
“Because it’s funny and I like you and I like watching you get embarrassed.” Your glare faltered for a moment, but you assumed you had heard wrong since he was speaking fast and ignored it. You slapped his arm before reaching for another piece of meat.
You had been interested in Chanyeol from nearly day one, since you interned together, and he was great until you both were accepted by the company. After that he picked on you and singled you out often. While you tried to fight against it, your attraction to him never really ebbed. So, you simply hid it deep within yourself and tried not to show it.
That of course was fine and dandy until you got drunk, then Chanyeol was like a goddamn ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. Your heart skipped a beat every time he started talking and you hated it. He obviously wasn’t interested in you, so why all of the unnecessary feelings?
You inadvertently let your head slam down onto the table, startling everyone. Eyes instantly wide with worry, Chanyeol shook you gently a few times asking if you were okay. When only a few grumbles came out as a reply, he looked around at your other four coworkers.
“I think she’s had enough, so I’ll make sure she gets home.” Everyone nodded slowly, equally concerned about your sudden sensitivity to the alcohol.
“Yah, Chanyeol,” you grumbled as you tried to pull away from his hold as he helped you down the street, “I can get home just fine by myself.” Chanyeol shook his head, worry still etched into his features.
“No, Y/N. I’m not going to let you go home by yourself in this state.”
“My house is literally two blocks away now, I don’t need your help.”
“I’m not going to leave you, Y/N.” The way he said your name made you stop and look at him. You finally noticed how genuine his expression was. Even with how much he had drank himself, you could tell now that it wasn’t the alcohol talking.
The two of you walked the remaining distance to your house, and even though you had sobered up quite a bit, Chanyeol’s arm was still gently slung around your waist for support. Even with the intimacy of the situation, the man was not taking advantage of it like he could have. He simply continued forward like he was on a mission.
“Well, here we are,” you commented awkwardly as the two of you reached the gate of your small house. “Uh...thanks, Chanyeol for getting me home.” A small smile appeared on your face as a toothy one appeared on Chanyeol’s.
“You’re welcome.” Whether it was a combination of his deep voice and your suppressed feelings mixed with what was left of the alcohol in your system or not, the risk-taking side of you came out. As Chanyeol turned to leave, you pulled him back and pressed a kiss onto his lips.
When you pulled away after a few seconds, you almost giggled at how his eyes were the size of saucers. However, when you saw the way his eyes kept flicking down to your lips as if asking for permission, you pulled him back in.
Soon your back was pressed gently against the brick wall as the kiss slowly grew heated. Your hands eventually made their way up to his neck, pulling him further into the kiss. Chanyeol’s hands rested gently on your hips, but the soft pressure drove you crazy.
Pulling away for air, Chanyeol’s hand came up and you smiled as his thumb gently stroked your cheek.
“Do you...” you hesitated for a moment, unsure of how he would react, “do you want to...stay?” Chanyeol’s breath visibly hitched for a moment before a slightly worried look reached his eyes.
“Are you sure? Are you sure you want this?” You could feel Chanyeol’s fingers shaking on your hips. You answered with a soft kiss before taking his hand and leading him into your home. He may have pretended to be cool at work, but he was clearly a bit shy as he stood awkwardly in your entryway, waiting to be shown the way.
You giggled softly as you pulled him several feet to the left into your bedroom. You popped a few buttons on your shirt before gently grabbing Chanyeol’s tie and pulling him in. A smirk played around at the corner of Chanyeol’s lips as he slowly led you backwards onto your unfortunately small bed.
As you pushed your way to the middle of the bed, you started trying to unbutton Chanyeol’s shirt with your too-shaky hands. One of Chanyeol’s hands came up to gently stop your hands.
“Are you sure about this, Y/N?” Chanyeol’s thumb was stroking your cheek again as his worried eyes searched your face, “I don’t want to do this if you’re not ready for this.” You let out a small laugh before nodding.
“I’m not shaking because I’m nervous, Park,” you say reaching up and cupping his face, “My body is just reacting to you. I’ve liked you for a long time now, Chanyeol, but I thought you were just being an ass to me because of whatever reason. I figured you didn’t like me at all.”
“Bullshit,” Chanyeol laughed before leaning down to peck your lips, “everyone knows that people are meanest to the people they like the most. But I’m glad this got itself sorted out. I wasn’t sure how much longer I could keep this act up. I’ve wanted to kiss you like this forever.”
“Forever?” You chuckled. Chanyeol answered with another kiss. And another. And another. Soon his lips were tracing along your jawline and down your neck. You giggled quietly at how soft the kisses were. Chanyeol pressed another kiss into your lips.
“But really, Hana. Are you sure you want to do this? I don’t want to rush things and ruin it all when I just managed to catch you.”
“Park Chanyeol.” You huffed before glaring at him, “We may not be 100% sober right now, but I know I want this. I wouldn’t have invited you to stay if I didn’t. I want you, Park Chanyeol, and I want you all to myself.” Chanyeol was stunned for a moment before he finally put his worry to the side.
His clearly nimble hands made quick work of his own clothing, discarding them off to the side before he took over your too-slow job of taking your own off. Soon enough you were both naked, and you couldn’t help but blush and look away from how surprisingly well-endowed Chanyeol was. Being that the room was slightly chilly, or maybe he was just a gentleman, Chanyeol pulled your blankets down and pulled them over both of your lower halves.
Soon Chanyeol’s lips were attached to yours again then not as he retraced his previous steps down your neck. You shifted slightly and brushed Chanyeol’s length, eliciting a deep moan from him. Your entire body reacted to the sound, sending pulses of pleasure through you even though he had barely touched you.
This time you purposely lifted your leg slightly to press against his now hard cock. Chanyeol growled and bit down a bit on your collarbone. You moaned before reaching down to wrap your fist around his length and pump painstakingly slow. Chanyeol’s kisses faltered, and he rested his head against your shoulder as you pleasured him.
Chanyeol was confused at first when you suddenly stopped and pushed up on him, but when you continued to push him back until he was the one laying down, he knew what was coming next. Though you had never tried it before, you figured there was no better time as you slowly lowered your head to hover over his twitching cock. Watching porn was enough, right?
The moment your lips touched the tip, Chanyeol gasped softly and inadvertently bucked up. Laughing softly, you pinned his hips to the bed and went back to work. You gripped him at the base and licked a thick line up a protruding vein before wrapping your lips around the tip and sucking. You could feel Chanyeol trembling under you as you slowly sucked more and more in and pumped.
“H-Hana, stop I’m g-gonna…” Chanyeol panted, gripping the sheets. But you were going to go all the way and do it right. A soft whine accompanied a few more pleas to make you stop, but soon enough Chanyeol reached his breaking point and released into your mouth. It was a bit shocking at first, but the taste wasn’t all that bad, and you managed to swallow it all.
Chanyeol panted for a few moments before sitting up and kissing you fervently. It was clear that he wanted to return the favor as he started kissing down your stomach, but you stopped him and pulled him back up.
“H-Hold on.” You stuttered, getting up for a moment. You kicked yourself for not putting the condoms you bought months ago into your bedside drawer, but you weren’t exactly expecting this. Bringing the small box back, you grabbed one and set the box on the floor.
Back in bed, you handed the condom to Chanyeol, who took two seconds too long to get the package open and onto himself. Chanyeol hesitated again, but you wasted no time in bucking your hips up into him to push him along. He groaned from the burst of pleasure and nodded, lining himself up. Taking a deep breath, he finally started pressing in.
It had been a while since the last time you had had sex, so your fingers curled into Chanyeol’s upper arm at the slight burn. He stopped momentarily, looking you in the eyes worriedly, but you nodded and he continued. He caught your lips again, kissing you passionately as he pressed the rest of the way in. He stopped where he was to give attention to your lips.
He ran his tongue across your top lip as if asking permission, and you opened up in response. Slowly entering, Chanyeol gently explored this new territory, his tongue pressing up against yours. Your tongues danced in surprising synchronicity, as if they were made for each other.
But you were getting slightly impatient, feeling his throbbing length inside you. You bucked up, and you both moaned in synch. Chanyeol finally pulled back, then in again and you moaned breathily at the pleasure.
Soon enough, Chanyeol had built up a rhythm, his cock sliding easily into you. Suddenly you gasped as he thrust just right, brushing continuously against your sweet spot. You chanted his name irregularly into your kiss as he sped up slightly. You could feel the pleasure building within you, the tight ball of energy bubbling in excitement.
“Chanyeol… please…” you whispered against his lips, and he wasted no time picking up the speed and thrusting deeper. It was clear he was at his edge not long afterwards as his thrusts slowly grew irregular. Pulling him deeper into the kiss, you pressed yourself against him as the pleasure finally began to peak and you felt the tight ball of energy burst.
You moaned his name loudly as your orgasm washed over you and you tightened around Chanyeol. It was the final straw for him as he found his release. After a few more languid thrust to ride out his orgasm, he stopped for a moment with a smile on his face. Leaning down, he captured your lips in a tender kiss before pulling out.
Getting up, he discarded the condom and cleaned himself off before crawling back in with you. He pulled you in and you snuggled for a few minutes, basking in the afterglow. Finally, you turned to him, smirking.
“How about round two?” Chanyeol let out a deep laugh before he was on top of you again.
“PARK CHANYEOL THIS IS YOUR FAULT WE’RE GONNA BE LATE!” You yell as you scramble to get dressed.
“You’re the one who started it with a second round!”
“But you’re the one who initiated a third and fourth!” You slapped his arm when he got this shit-eating grin on his face. Suddenly he stopped.
“Wait does this mean we’re finally dating?”
“Not if your sorry ass doesn’t hurry up!” Minutes later you were out the door and running to catch a taxi. When one finally stopped, you got in, but Chanyeol just stuck his head in.
“I need to get something, so go on without me.” You were about to say something, but he closed the door.
You sighed, “Dumbass.”
Ten minutes later you were rushing into the office elevator. Taking those last few moments to touch up your makeup and sort yourself out, you stepped out of the elevator and headed to your cubicle. It was another ten minutes before Chanyeol showed up… with a bouquet of flowers.
“Oh no, Chanyeol why—”
“Shh,” Chanyeol laughed before pressing a quick kiss onto your lips. The thoughtful idiot even bought a vase. You sighed before setting the flowers next to your computer. It took a moment before you noticed the card.
I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really like you, so would you please go out with me? Dinner tonight after work! I’ll take that as a yes!
“You idiot.” Chanyeol’s head suddenly popped up over the top of your cubicle like he had been called, a bright smile on his face.
“But I’m your idiot.”
I love writing about this goofball <3 It just comes so easy. If its wasn't obvious already Chanyeol is my bias in EXO-K lol.
Hana is Y/N lol. sorry I probably should've made it clearer xD
@ScarletMermaid yes it was very cute and hot lol
Aww I love it
Okay, but who is Hana?? 😂
I just love this. It was very cute and steamy lol
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