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PREPARE TO RECEIVE A RING!!! IT is the dream of every lady to receive an engagement ring and get Married, but it's unfortunate that many are only dreaming.... An engagement ring is just like an award given to those deserving of it.... Before you think of receiving any, you must first know what it means to be a wife and prepared to become one. It is not something you receive by your makeup, your weavon, how many bottles of alcohol you can consume, how you expose your body on Facebook and other social network, fashion e.t.c...... Everyman needs a woman who can build a home with him.... As a lady, you should think of how you can help a man increase his income rather than further reduce him... Before you desire to make hair of 5k, 10k, 15k etc you should first get something doing to earn such money. You won't get any ring from the guy you're reducing his life buy your materialistic behavior. You have to be responsible by doing something than been a liability. Most ladies knows almost all the fast food restaurants around where they go with their guys, eat almost all the food presented and even requests for extra... But very few can prepare a good meal for these guys... What makes you think that such person will dream of giving you a ring? Why not take this money from him, go to the market and prepare a delicious meal for him? As a lady, you should discover the purpose of your life... No man is an ATM MACHINE... It's so disheartening to see a lady calling different guys simply because she needs a recharge card for subscription... No idea of what to do to earn money.... If you have a brother, will you allow him give a ring to such a lady? The showglass is used to display snacks because the seller wants to attract as many buyers as possible. By so doing, everyone can see them...... As a lady, the way you dress will go a long way... You can never get a ring from a reasonable guy by dressing like a prostitute in the name of fashion. Learn to dress well all the time and not to the church only. Invest in yourself as a lady... You're created to be a help meet... A man must find you useful before he will think of giving you a ring.... So, become useful by been a contributor before you desire a ring. Have the fear of God in you before thinking of receiving a ring.... This is the greatest of all... You're nothing without God even after the marriage. Spend time with married people and learn from them rather than moving from one club to another... It will instil some attitude in you that will arrest his attention. Invest in the way you talk, search for information, ideas and things that are relevant to what he does rather than telling him the latest shoe, top, bag e.t.c... Everyman needs a woman that shares in his job. Learn to look at his eyes rather than his pocket, always encourage him... Be genuine in your care and show him that you're the best companion he can get. Learn to be neat, dress with a good combination of color dress, clean yourself and be simple. Your appearance matters a lot.... Spend some time on yourself, learn to clean his house whenever you visit and learn to take good care of his appearance and stomach.... You will be surprised at the result. Be bold in expressing yourself, admitting your weakness, apologize when his offended, appreciating him for what he gives you no matter how little... Maintain your words always, stop the procrastination and be sincere Be kind to his relatives and friends... Treat people around you rightly for it matters a lot what people say about you. If you find this useful, please comment, share and help someone today!!!
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