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안녕하세요, Hello Hello! As always this is KPopBeat here with another song for Your Daily MV Hook Up!! Today I have decided to do my first none group... as well as first female MV! To honor this role I spent some time letting Lim Kim and Ailee fight it out, but seeing as this song is one of my all time favorites and more people know who Ailee is... I figured we could start with Lim Kim.
This 94' bombshell is from Mystic89. She debuted as a solo in 2013 with the song 'All Right'. Her unique vocals was enough to get her onto the show Superstar K3. She originally debuted in 2012 with another student from her high school in New Jersey. They were called Togeworl. Unfortunately the other student had to go back to the states and it was then decided that Lim Kim should debut as a solo artist. Personally I love her voice and am happy that her label decided to go ahead and let her continue to make music on a solo level.
This song is called 'Love Game'. I absolutely love this music video. It does not have major dance moves or a heartfelt story... but rather aims to make you laugh. The men that are basically stalking her end up getting hurt in one way or another and Lim Kim seems almost oblivious to their presence.
I will admit my knowledge of girl groups or solo artists is lacking... So I hope to expand my own knowledge as well as yours over time. If you know any good songs you think should be featured on the daily MV hook up let me know!
Hope you enjoyed this song as much as I do!
@KPopBeat OUT!!
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the very-very first picture on this card.....I thought that was nuests ren
I love her songs
Me too she is my favorite solo singer next to Ailee