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Celeb Couples: Ridiculous Height Differences

As a relatively short lady, living with a 6'3" female volleyball player my senior year of college was a total trip - I can't imagine being in a romantic relationship with someone that tall!

Check out these couples that are going the distance!

Eliza Dushku (5' 5") and Rick Fox (6' 7")

Wladimir Klitschko (6' 6") and Hayden Panettiere (5' 1")

Jessica Simpson (5' 2.5") and Eric Johnson (6' 3")

Isla Fisher (5' 3") and Sasha Baron Cohen (6' 3")

Jada Pinkett Smith (5') and Will Smith (6' 2")

Fergie (5' 4") and Josh Duhamel (6' 4")

Kristen Bell (5' 1") and Dax Shephard (6' 2")

Amy Poehler (5' 2") and Will Arnett (6' 2.5")

Christina Ricci (5') and ex-fiance Owen Benjamin (6' 6")

Laticia Rolle (5'6") Shaquille O' Neal (7'1")

Have any of you been in a relationship like this? Do you think you would like it or would it make things hard?

I prefer guys that are taller than me. I'm 5'3, I find between 5'7 and 6'3 is a great range.
I'm 6'3 and my wife's 5'8 so we're sorta even
love it! there's nothing quite like looking up to a guy
i think around 1 and 1'5" is fine. Especially if the ladies wear high heels. I'm on the short side 5'3", so wouldnt mind a tall guy. Cause I wanna wear high heels :-) 5'9-6'2 would be perfect โ™กโ™กโ™ก
i once had a friend she was taller than I and very gorgeous. i have to say it didn't bother me or I never thought about it I just loved how she looked at me and she made me smile.
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