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This video is called "Ex-boyfriend" by Lil Dicky. A lot of people may recognize his name by his most popular video "Lemme Freak". But that's not even close to his best song. David Burd IS hilarious, but he's also very, very intelligent and has an impeccable flow.
His raps cover a wide variety of subjects, both humorous to serious to love to broken heart and regret.
A few years ago, I ran into this song and had forgotten about it until two days ago, this girl and I were driving around and we were playing funny songs and having a good time laughing and trying to outdo each other when she played this song... Needless to say, she won. I gave in haha If you proceed past the bottom of this paragraph signified by a double asterisk, you are hereby forfeiting your ability to be offended or blame me for any discomfort haha There is a decent amount of cussing and NSFW material (not nudity, but very suggestive stuff), as well as stuff that's considered inappropriate for people underage. This is purely comical. You have been warned.Without further ado...**
The lyrics are in the description of the video haha
While I did say that this is purely comedic, this is an actual thought that embodies the mind of every male that I know at some point in the dating or relationship phase haha I'm sure ladies have their own insecurities as well. But we all need to accept that we're all great. Constructive criticism is very important. Just don't put anybody down on something that's easily changed, and very fun and pleasurable to learn/teach. But never, under any circumstances, insult a persons bodily attributes. That's an insecurity that has the ability to destroy any intimacy the person has in the future and that's not something anybody has the right to take away from another person
On a less serious note, I can't stop laughing my ass off every time I hear this song, which has vastly increased over the past few days haha The lyrics are priceless as well as the music video! I hope you like this as much as I did!
Bahahah, this is so you.
@danidee lolol I'm not really sure how to take that 😂 XD O.o haha
Oh my...😮
@MichelleHolly Was it great? or was it great? lolol ;'D