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안녕하세요, Hello, Hello!! KPopBeat here with another MV Hook Up! Today I have decided to do something a little special. Since I, as well all countless others, have been sad over the departure of our favorite ASC (After School Club) Host/MC.... I have decided to make him our MV Hook Up subject. I have decided to use one of his songs that he did two versions of... one in English and the other in Korean. I will be posting both MVs by the way.
Eric has come a long way over the years... from a Boy in Georgia who just enjoyed doing Kpop covers on YouTube, to a popular Kpop artist... to hosting an international Kpop show.. there is no where that I can say he has gone wrong. Sadly though he is not nearly as popular as he should be.
^^Korean Version^^
^^English Version^^
Eric Nam is one of those humble artists that just does what he loves. I think he is the most adorable thing ever... and he never forgets where he started. He still loves to do covers of his favorite groups' songs both American and Korean. His colorful vocals are sweet and incredibility soothing.
I wish more people knew just how talented this man is. I send him my best wishes as he moves on from ASC and on to other exciting things in the future. I look forward to seeing what else he has in store for fans. Eric Nam Fighting!!
What do you think? Did you ever watch ASC? Let me know!
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,Love me some Eric! He's just frickin adorable!😊💖