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So today I found covers that are amazing and made me cry. So warning tissues may be needed to watch them. So here we go.
"Paper Hearts" sung by Jung kook "Someone Like You" sung by V "Fools" sung by Rap Mon and Jung kook
Mom by Jin Love Yourself by Jimin
My favorite is "Fools". it is such a good song and rap Mon can sort of sing. I love the contrast in their voices. I can't pick a least favorite.
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But honestly I love all of Kookies covers... the little bias wrecker
I have no problems he is my bais @KpopBeat
sorry bias @kpopINT
I Love You kills me. I fail at not crying just a little every time I listen to it! (馃惓 Sky)
Jin is my bias... so i always get extra excited for That song