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So I know this is late just saw the challenge thing and wanted to share my monsters with you guys.
Kirsten was born when I was 17 on March 31st 2010 she is such a goof ball and such a sweetheart. She loves kpop her favorite groups are Ikon, Big bang, and Girls gen. Her ultimate bias is Hanbin and Jiyong that's all she talks about.
Hailey was born April 11, 2012 when I was 19 this girl has an attitude from idk where but can be the biggest sweet heart you will ever meet. She absolutely adores Yunhyeong and talks about how she wants to move to korea to marry him xD she is a major kpopper almost as bad as us. She loves Ikon and basically all of Yg and knows them all by name.
And if you didn't know already I'm a single mom, but I wouldn't change it for the world they still see their dad every weekend when they go to his house( gives this mom a break)
@MelissaGarza yeah we are all learning together they already only call me mom in Korean it's adorable. It was also their idea to learn
@MelissaGarza It has its moments, but my family does help a lot I would be lost without them. kpop is better than the stuff they play on the radio I would rather then learn another language than repeat what's said in English songs ( they both want to learn Korean)
@AubriePope True they are a handful.
your girls are so precious. It must be tough being a single mom. I was raised by a single mom. She knows how tough it can be. She raised 4 kids. Oh I like how your girls love kpop also. Raising them Right 😀
@Sammie99522 so are any little girls lol
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