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Welcome to Day 2 of the 12 Days of EXO Community Challenge! Today's victim--I mean star is none other than one Park Chanyeol. The Happy Virus. The Reaction King. The one who wrecks my heart and makes me feel things for him...ahem! Anyway! I don't even know where to begin... now I'll admit I have this thing for guys with chic glasses and there's a certain someone who looks so enticing bespectacled... Anyone care to take a gander? ...Okay it was obvi.
Those Harry Potter glasses are on point.
Only this dork can have rock glasses with no lenses and still look so sexy.
Even incredible in these bomb sunglasses. Ugh!!!! He needs to stop.
Ugh. Sometimes he's too much for me to handle. His utter Chanyeolness destroys my life.
I just can't ! SUCH a weakness 🙈
I love this...and glasses happens to be my SVT theme for mañana card
I love it!!! he is so adorkable!!!