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The one thing I absolutely love about Chen is that he helps everyone and anyone and doesn't ask anything in return....he is EXO-L'S personal sunshine. His bright smile and angelic voice is enough to brighten up anyone's day XD

He doesn't hesitate to take care of the members

He is EXO's pillar of comfort

He also cares for other band members

And to top it all off his mom is just like him XD

Who cannot love is cutie???

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@fallchild I know he's such a cutie
2 years ago·Reply
He is such a sweet pea!!!
2 years ago·Reply
The fancam seems a bit far? His eyes must be really good
2 years ago·Reply
I love Chen!! He's a sweetie
2 years ago·Reply
this literally made me so happy
2 years ago·Reply