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( Edited 10/15/16 ) - - - It was another day... Just like every other day she struggled to get out of bed. Everything was too... exhausting? No, it was more than that. It felt impossible to do anything. It felt as if the world, the people, the animals, nature just kept moving... while she stayed in the same place, barely breathing. She layed there for a while convincing herself to move with things like, 'Mother wouldn't be happy if you didn't go' and 'What would your brother do?' The last one got her body moving but at a slow, crawling pace towards the bathroom. One look in the mirror and she could see the tear streaks left from the night before under red, puffy eyes. She didn't know why she bothered looking happy anymore. No one cared, she knew that... well she thought that no one cared for her. It was all just some show.... so why does she continue to play her part? Why is she still trying to cover it all in make-up? Before anymore tears could find their way out for her eyes, she exited headed for her closet, dressing in her standard uniform. It was getting looser since she practically stopped eating. It's funny, at first it kept getting tighter as she couldn't stop eating. Trying to stay out of her thoughts she ever so slowly made her way to school. The sky was a dark gray, covered with clouds, barely any light seen shining through. The wind practically blew her around as she kept re-centering herself on the sidewalk. "When can I finally end this? When will I gain happiness?" she whispered to herself. Thinking no one was around she didn't bother hiding the want, no yearning for release from her personal hell. What she didn't know was a boy sat in the tree above her and listened intently to everything while carefully watching her every move. He had always seen her trudging to school, a look of despair settled on her features as if it were permanent. He knew that look, that horrid look too well and he could not stop his curiosity. Since he stopped fighting the monsters and started listening to them in his head, he had gained something... not relief or anything actually beneficial, infact it hurt him even more but he couldn't not pay attention to the others like himself. He would watch their life and mentality deteriorate and see how long they lasted while he tried to survive his own world. He never wanted to help them, what was the point if he couldn't even help himself? No, he just wanted to watch so during the day he wouldn't die as much. The problem was neither of them had anyone or anything to hold on to and neither of them cared to have tat support. After dealing with everything alone for so long they began to enjoy it but at the same time they wanted it to end. How could that be? Not even they knew. They had decided to stop fighting and just let go... but that decision is what hurt them the most...
this looks so good!! I can't wait to read more! 馃槃
Hmm....maybe a new rookie group.....KNK, Astro, etc.....or BTOB, Beast, 2PM....
IT should be an idol that isn't that popular from a group that isn't that popular.
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