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Welcome, everyone, to Too Much Tuesdays!

It's the weekly Funny Community game that gets us all feeling a little bit closer - by sharing pretty disgusting stories about ourselves!

Do you DARE to answer this Tuesday's question?

Today's TMT: What's your most embarrassing childhood memory?

Did you accidentally eat something you thought was food? Did you say something completely inappropriate not REALLY knowing what it meant? Did you get sent to the principal's office for something truly ridiculous? Share your stories with us!
My answer: When I was in the 6th grade, I slept over my best friend Janice's house. We were reading this children's book called 'The Pickle Book' that did this weird Dr. Seuss-esque pickle mash-ups that were like "Pickles on a Christmas tree! Pickles in a cake!" We thought this book was HILARIOUS. So much so that I laughed so hard that I peed my pants. Full-on. We were both completely mortified, and I had to have Janice's mom launder my clothes while I spent the rest of the sleepover dressed in my pajamas. To make matters WORSE, Janice and I always had a teasing relationship, so you know pretty much all of our friends knew what happened by the time I showed up to class on Monday. I spent a majority of my middle school years being called 'Niagara Falls'!

Now it's your turn: CONFESS!

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@danidee my brother was like 8 at the time and was trying to climb the tree but then he slipped and me being the tom boy that i was back then was climbing right behind him and when he slipped he ended up somehow drop kicking me out of the tree on the way down and then he landed on our little picnic bench that we had while I landed on a rock.... I was about 6 at the time
My childhood
I dont remember any but I have chemo brain lol and im not asking my mom!!!
I remember asking a complete stranger in Food World if he was my dad
Well my most embarrassing childhood moment is terrible. I was about 12 and my brother was 10. I hate when people scare me. It was dark and my brother crept into my room to try and scare me. Now I was asleep on my loft bed and he comes up the ladder and tries to jump on my bed to scare me. Before he could even jump I see this dark figure on my ladder so I scream and kick him off the ladder. He fell and broke his arm, I felt so bad and I just think this story is embarrassing but my brother shouldn't have tried to scare me lol.