evening my jalapeño kpoppers!! i wanna talk about a recent issue regarding SEVENTEEN that involves a rather unnecessary and stupid topic involving Wonwoo when he was 12!!
Apparently from what I could gather from what I've found, when Wonwoo was only 12 years old, he didn't think much of idols. He only really saw them as just egotistical celebrities blinded by the limelight. He then went to make some comments about SNSD that people didn't really find pleasant (idk exactly what he said. again, im literally just finding out about this...). People didn't receive this very well and naturally lead to rude comments towards him. Now that he's older and an idol himself, he felt the need to apologize for what he said years ago, yet people still bash him. Never knew people could hold grudges for so long. I mean COME ON PEOPLE!! He's like 20 years old now so this is like really old. I understand and respect him apologizing for this. If anything, he's showing how mature he is in handling situations responsibly. Yet, people wanna bash him and call him a hypocrite even though this was like WAY before he was a trainee for Pledis. Like come on people just let it go!!

On another note, am I the only one who thinks Wonwoo's a little overlooked?

I think this is just me, but i feel like Wonwoo doesn't get that much attention. I mean, when you're in a group of 13, it can be pretty hard to keep up with everyone. BELIEVE ME. But aside from the famous Meanie ship, I feel like Wonwoo isn't known for anything else. Aside from the emo meme (which I think was stupid from the beginning and needs to die), he's just seen as another member and that's not cool!! He reminds me of Leo from VIXX: he looks scary/intimidating/serious, but once you learn more about him, he's pretty dorky and actually pretty cute in his own lil way~ This kid can really rap and when he sings omg it's unreal!! (his part in Love Letter had me dead) To all you Wonwoo stans out there, stand up for your boy. And to all my fellow Carats out there, let's show Wonwoo lots of love and support as he continues his career❤✨
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wonwoo is a babe and this is all so silly - you go wonwoo, you go!