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From the site: "Jasper James is an adept photographer working in Shanghai and Beijing. He mainly takes editorial, advertising, and corporate based photos. Jasper’s personal photography ranges from portrait, travel, interiors, and concept driven projects like City Silhouettes. The following photos are from this ongoing project. Jasper had been shooting for the past few years in different Asian cities. The idea and execution is worthy of your attention. Enjoy!" His site [http://www.jasperjames.co.uk/]
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you always post so many beautiful photo collections :) where do you find them?
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@PiuPiuPENGUIN Thanks, Penguin. You're super sweet. Most of what I post, has a credit link/source link back to where it's from, like this one. There's a few curation sites that I check out from time to time. :)
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