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'Urban Zoom' Series by Jakob Wagner
From the site: "Urban Zoom is a series of abstract long-exposure photos from big cities all over the world. These beautiful images were captured by German photographer Jakob Wagner. Jakob lives in Duesseldorf, where he works as a freelance photographer, image editor, and photo assistant. He’s very blessed to have a job that allows him to visit different countries around the world. When not working on an assignment, Wagner devotes his time to personal photography projects. Some of his previous clients include Audi, Wired, Jim Beam, Emirater, and many more. We hope you’ll enjoy his beautiful photos!" His site [http://www.jakobwagner.eu/]
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@Tapsamai Did someone already post these up?! If you can remember where you found it, will you link me? Duplicate cards are a no no, but it's obviously going to happen occasionally. Let me know and I'll take mine down.
@yinofyang sorry for late reply, i cannot remember where i saw it in here. Maybe it was just me, mistaken see it somewhere else :)