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So I have three more weeks until I graduate high school (2 weeks of actual school and 1 week of fun senior activities) and well...I need to get my shit together. I'm not gonna lie, the senioritis hit me hard these past couple months and it did take a toll on my grades. There's no way that I'll be getting anything less than a C+ in any of my classes, but I know that I could've done better. Anyways, I'll be deleting the Vingle app from my phone for the until Friday May 20th (that's my birthday!) so that I can finish strong and get through finals and all my AP tests. Feel free to continue tagging me in posts. I'll check them when I come back on the 20th. See ya!
Good luck honey! We will miss you!
Good luck! Make sure to get enough rest and take care of yourself while you are busy studying!
good luck!!we will miss you...*sniffles*
good luck on everything! dont forget your password lol we'll miss you!