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Steph Curry is a new type of basketball player.

We've seen Michael Jordan. We've seen LeBron James. But Curry is just different from these powerhouses that dominated the NBA. Instead of trucking through the defense with amazing moves and power, Curry and the Warriors changed the way NBA plays its game with their amazing three-point percentage, their pick-and-roll moves, and just amazing teamwork.
And Steph Curry was in the center of it all. Below are just some stats to show why Curry is the 2015-16 NBA MVP.

The stat that amazes me the most is his 402 three-pointers.

Even though scoring near the basket will get your shooting percentage up, a three-pointer is worth so much than a slam dunk. And although fans might want to see more dunks than three-pointers, you don't get extra points for making an amazing dunk.
And if you've seen Curry take his threes, you know that they are one of the most beautiful and obnoxious things out there.

Even KD agrees.

Are there any basketball fans out there that thinks someone else deserves the MVP award? I don't think so.
you mean unanimous MVP
@DucktheFodgers 400 3s man. That's like the most impressive part about his performance this season
Damm. Looking at everything he accomplished in one regular season! Glad to have him with us