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True cause behind EXO Lay's fainting incident revealed
On May 8, it was reported that EXO's Lay passed out during a Chinese variety show, and was rushed to the hospital due to food poisoning. However, on May 9, reports claiming that Lay's fainting incident was not the cause of food poisoning surfaced online. China's Sina News reported that Lay passed out because of exhaustion, not food poisoning. A variety show staff reported to Sina News that,
"Lay was actually very tired. During that time, he was involved in drama filming, performances, press conferences, and more. The night before the show recording, he arrived at Hainan, had a little bit of food, and said he wasn't feeling well overall. Then the next morning he said he could not taking it any longer."
According to the report, Lay's fainting incident was not primarily due to food poisoning, but because of fatigue. The idol star's excessively busy schedule seemed to have caused such an unfortunate health issue. We hope you get well rested Lay! Source: Allkpop
I hope our Yixing gets better and gets the rest that he deserves. This is just so awful to see this happen to him. My prayers are out to him. 🙌🏼 Get Well soon Yixing. 🦄🦄
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😫if yixing quits...not saying he is..but if he were to..i hope he knows some fans out there will understand😔
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@talimarks I hope a lot of fan would understand. They just need to stop over working the members. And in all the idols too
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plz get better Lay we all care!
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Hope you get well soon Lay!
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get well soon lay!💪❤ fighting!
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