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Civil War: Captain America is probably the best Marvel movie since The First Avengers. In my opinion, the action is given. What makes a Marvel movie memorable and awesome is the storyline, pace and intensity. The pacing of the The First Avengers is one of the best. The story is original and one that takes the audience back to a familiar historical setting, World War II. As an introductory film, I couldn't ask for more.

So, why is Civil War: Captain America so great?

Again, this is my own opinion. It carried the essence of the storyline. In The First Avengers, we were introduced to Steve Rodgers (Captain America) and Bucky Barnes childhood friendship.

Through thick and thin the boys stuck together.

Noticed how Bucky is always on the left of Steve? Pre-serum Steve was said to have impaired hearing on the left side. What I see from this placement is Bucky is a symbolism of Steve's shield. He was there to protect him, the man on the left, and a family member in ways he can't express.

The bond and trust they have for one another is unbreakable.

The Original - Team Cap

Also, before the avengers became a thing, the true MVP are pictured above. These guys were willing to risk their lives for the Cap. So, it made a lot of sense why Cap can't betray Bucky because it wasn't patriotism that got this squad together. It was friendship, trust and respect.

Civil War was the climax of all the things built up since the First Avengers.

1. Bucky fell and strayed away from Steve. 2. Steve lost Bucky. His left hand man. 3. Steve was almost a hundred years culturally out of date. His loneliness was shown during down time when the avengers are not saving the world. The only reason he visit the Smithsonian regularly was because he wanted to see his friends. Peggy was the last person on earth who really knows him but she's on the edge of death. In other words, hes almost as self-less as Bucky. Those two need each other but the avengers dont understand this. 4. There always seems to be two leaders in the Avengers. Iron Man vs Cap America. In reality, we cant have two people leading the same group. The split was eventually going to happen.


On the surface, Civil War made it look like it was political differences that cause the fight but it is more than that.

Iron Man - Vengeance, guilt and order

He did have a choice but because of the pressure, and the guilt that was taking over. He chose to fight. He thought that it will put things back in order and the avengers will cause less damage.

Captain America - Loneliness and freedom

When Steve first saw Winter Solider he had to fight him. When he found out Winter Soldier was in fact, Bucky, he was heartbroken. He needs to get Bucky out of Hydras control and bring him back. The damage Bucky caused as Winter Soldier under Hydra cant be undone but Steve was willing to take the blame upon himself because Bucky is his friend. Also, because Steve needs Bucky in his life. Even when I had nothing, I had Bucky. - Steve Rodgers In addition, he needs to get out of that Cap America patriotic suit and develop his personal character. Bucky was lost himself. Steve was just as lost. It took him long enough to fight for what he wants and believe not what Shield/the world wants.