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@AimeeH and I are going to balance your Cross Gene intake this week. She's got you covered for, " Awww, He's sooo adorable! Look at that cute smile!". I've got you for ," OMG! I CAN'T EVEN !!" Are you ready for it?!
I personally think the stare into your soul tactic is cheating but hey do what works I guess. And boy does it ever !
The "hey look at my gorgeous lips " tactic works REALLY well on me. I am a sucker for nice lips. That will become QUITE clear on Wednesday. LOL
One of my personal weaknesses, glasses ! ::swoons:: I'm ok, I swear.
I freaking LOVE glasses. Anime has given me a huge glasses fetish, not gonna lie.
the glasses got me omg
OMG You're killing me. It's one thing to drool over a hot sexy Asian male, it's another when they wear glasses, bite, touch their lips....oh god
totally commented after the very first pic before I died. 😣😣😣
@merryjayne13 LOL well my job here is done.