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Here's a fabulous trick to keep your punch less watered down and for a longer period of time. It's all in the ice.
The trick is to plan the ice right. You don't want to drop a pound of small ice cubes into the punch. Instead, you want to create ONE LARGE, aesthetically pleasing ice block.
It's important because, the larger the piece of ice, the slower it will melt. Also, the slower it melts, the more chilled your beverage will be.
You're welcome!
nice, 👍 this card remind me to my dad. he always told us to use this tips when we have a celebration or party. we need to bought and carried a big block of ice from store to home! lol
Your dad KNOWS! hahaha Awesome! @atmi
@marshalledgar yeah, you know our parents, they like knows everything about life hack except gadgets today. 😀
Good tip!!!!