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Ely Marino's Half Moon makeup eye tutorial is about merging a smoky, natural look with that of the future using Motives Cosmetics' "Mavens Element" palette. This is a great way to try a bold look while keeping with the aesthetic of natural colors in new ways.

How to achieve the look:

1.Begin by applying "Birch" onto the entire lid and up to the brow bone
2.Using "LBD" gel liner, line the lash line and before reaching the end of the lash line pull upward in a rounded shape and into the crease! Stop about halfway inward.
3.Using "Raven" and a small flat brush begin blending that harsh line outward
4.Taking "Aubergine" blend "Raven"out even further! This will give a soft smoky effect
5.Line the water line using "LBD" gel liner only half way and taking "Aubergine" smudge out creating a soft gradient effect
I feel like I cannot wear this out (I'm too shy to go this dramatic!) but I loveeee it and want to try it out just to play~
I love this look! It would go good with any style you are wearing.
I think I would use a different base color but I'd give it a try with the style!!!
Looks kool, gotta try it some time