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If the term "Galaxy" is something you've never heard of before in terms of beauty, then you need to spend some time on YouTube and Tumbler to really see how expansive this term is. Everything from nails, to t-shirts has some element of a galaxy inspired motif.
And since summertime is peak time for galaxy EVERYTHING, here is a lip inspo by GirlGreyBeauty. I've shared her stunning makeup artistry before, which you can see here.
Love how she melds the colors so effortlessly, using just a dusting of glitter with a heart on the bottom lip. Super chic!
Will you gals be trying a look like this out for summertime?
*Base white is Jeffreestar Cosmetics. Loose pigments on top are Furless Cosmetics.
@marshalledgar Still, that's gotta take skill to get so cleanly completed!
@hikaymm that's exactly how it's done I bet. it creates the perfect negative space for the Natural lip to show.
How does she get the hearT?? I wonder if it's like a sticker before hand that she peels off...? Hmmm!
It looks awesome!
this is different in a good way. I probably would've tried it out back in college when I was a bit more daring.
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