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It's just WAY TOO EASY to lose your mind over the sweet table for your wedding (or for any special event). In fact, the expense to this reception must has its own line item because of just how involved it can get. There are entire industry businesses that ONLY create and manage sweet tables, if you can believe that.
My advice to brides: keep it simple. Keep it consistent with your theme.
Remember, this is not a theatrical highlight. It's just a part of the overall reception wedding experience for your guests. You and the groom are the main event--not the desserts.
As you can see here, two rustic saw horses and some wood work fine as a table. There's a cake, and a few different sweets, along with to-go favors (if your guest's want them). And notice, the decor is nuanced. There's nothing flashy or grand about this, which is perfect.
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