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I'm back again with the 2nd card of 12 Days of EXO Community Challenge, showing some more love to our favorite dork, Chanyeol! Now I'm gonna be honest. When I first started listening to EXO, I wasn't too impressed by his rapping. His singing was nice but his flow was just eh, not bad but not like the most amazing. Then I heard "Lightsaber" and I was blown away. Then "El Dorado" and I struck by how much passion he put into his voice. Ever since then I've been paying more attention to his voice, which is dangerous, and he's constantly surprising me. So long story short, here's a compilation of his best performances.
All of Me me chills every time.
Boyfriend Cover with D.O.
Don't Make Money by Heize featuring Chanyeol
Here's the infamous Lightsaber rap that changed my life
I Dont Like it I Love It Cover. Just found this on the youtube. It's incredible.
Let's not forget his epic drum solo from the Lost Planet. Them guns...sign me up for tickets to the gun show.
I honestly didn't know Chanyeol did all these covers and uploading his own stuff to soundcloud. I don't know how! But man, I'm gonna have to check everything out now.... Like really though, he plays piano, guitar, the drums, DJ's, not to mention sings and raps - seriously is there anything he can't do? Ugh.
He "can't" change into a girl XDD
@EmilyPeacock lmao!!! I'm okay with that tho 😘