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BTS is actually from all over Korea so its really cool to check out what accents they use!

Here's a guide to speaking in their Satoori (dialect)

And a map for reference :)


Ilsan: Rap Mon
Anyang: Jin

This is the really standard accent since it includes the Seoul area. Any Korean you learn and usually hear on TV would be this accent!


Daegu: V & Suga
Busan: Jimin & Jungkook

Standard Accent - 그래 (geu-rae) means "oh, really?"

Gyeongsang-do Accent - 맞나 (man-na?) means "oh really?"


Gwangju: J-Hope

Standard Accent: 밥 먹었어? (bap meok-oess-eo?) Have you eaten?

Jeolla-do Accent: 밥 믁어잉? (bap meuk-eo-ing?) Have you eaten?

Another Jeolla-specific word is 시방 (shi-bahng) which means ‘now’ (instead of usual accent like 지금)

Check out their rap about Satoori here!

What satoori would you like to learn?

Can i learn all 3?
I want to learn daegu and gwangju Satoori also busan(even though it's the same as daegu) however I don't recommend learning Satoori until you know Seoul dialect well enough because if you learn how to conjugate the words in Seoul dialect it makes Satoori so much easier (Satoori is nothing but pretty much different conjugation and pronunciation)
Wow I never knew how different their accents were! It's so weird!
@OhItsJas it took me a long time to hear the difference!
I always wondered if when I practice Korean I say some of it in a different "accent" or satoori 😂 honestly I can't hear much a difference but maybe later on
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