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I found this webcomic by my forever favorite Adam Ellis from Books Of Adam, and he brings up a pretty good argument that I feel like we've had on here before to some extend, but I figured should get its own card.

How often do YOU wash your clothes? Does it look like what's listed above or is it totally different?

@YumiMiyazaki I never really realized that the tops of salt and pepper shakers can probably get super nasty until you said that. Now I'm starting to get an inner germ freak too lol.
and bras get washed.......?
O.o i wash all my clothes after one wear except for skirts, jackets, sweaters, and bras!
bras: it's been years, wash me.
@YumiMiyazaki HIV disinfectant wipes? it can kill that virus? by the way, I washed my clothes once after I wear it except my pyjamas and my jeans
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