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I found this webcomic by my forever favorite Adam Ellis from Books Of Adam, and he brings up a pretty good argument that I feel like we've had on here before to some extend, but I figured should get its own card.

How often do YOU wash your clothes? Does it look like what's listed above or is it totally different?

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wait, what?! I feel lost, if bras get washed as often as men wash boxers... then you mean daily/after every use? (I don't want to guess, as I live in a hot Tropical Island where we shower every day, sometimes more than once, I'm aware we have different customs)
bras are definately not washed the same as boxers (underwear).complete difference in how fast it gets dirty. say bras between 2-5 times depending. boxers due to proximity should be washed every time or 2x max I think
when our home wash machine is full 馃寱
I do all my clothes way tooooo often
Every week except my hoodies those are whenever I feel like it lol