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I bring smthing XTRAORDINARY....AIN'T I...??? THE BIG BANG THEORY vs HARRY POTTER, shared to me by Bryony Imogen Toom : What if Sheldon, Penny, Leonard, Howard and Raj were all sorted into Hogwarts houses? Who would they each resemble? Who would be the Golden Trio? Or would they teach a subject? Penny would be a Hufflepuff, on sheer account of her loyalty to the gang. She wouldn’t ever let anyone down, be it the annoying, egotistic Sheldon, the intimacy lacking Amy or her close almost-like-her friend Bernadette. If she taught a subject, it’d be Muggle Studies. Though she would deny it, she’d probably have the least magical knowledge of the entire gang. Leonard would have to be a Ravenclaw, because he is intelligent and quick witted, but also readily equipped with a kind heart. He would be good friends with a good looking Eagle (Luna...a new ship perhaps??). Would he teach Charms, like Flitwick? Howard and Raj would have to stay together, like a kinder version of Crabbe and Goyle, right by each other’s side ‘til the very end. So, I think Gryffindor, for our two stuck- like-glue friends. They’d have to teach lessons, but what? Raj, as an astrophysicist, would have to be Astronomy and maybe Divination for our very own Howard? Now Sheldon. Because he’s Sheldon, he’d probably have to have a house of his own, because of his mismatched assets to the Hogwarts houses. And as a teacher, never mind that! Dumbledore’s position is in sheer danger! I think Sheldon would just want to over throw Dumbledore and make Hogwarts his own !
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Hahaha love that line