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Honey, baby. Archaeologists have discovered honey in ancient Egyptian tombs that were still edible! Why? There are three main reasons: 1. Honey is mainly a supersaturated solution of sugar, and sugar soaks up water (hygroscopic). Bacteria and other microorganisms, which are made up mainly of water, will shrivel up in such a sugar solution. 2. pH of honey is between 3.26 and 4.48, a hostile environment for most bacteria 3. When producing honey, bees use a chemical called glucose oxidase, which has anti-bacteria properties. I threw away a jar of honey once because I thought it was too old....damn.... source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/quora/why-doesnt-honey-spoil_b_1914824.html
but actually how long do twinkies last?
@curtisb at first I thought u were having a go at me there ahahaha @JohnLee kimchee lasts for years I think, but prob not thousands of years... @leecatlee that very well could be.
twinkies??? I don't know
@johnlee mcdonald's hamburgers
So nothing else? What about kimchee?
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