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I came across this skit from the Daily Show and love how clearly this issue is explained.

The women's US soccer team has pressed legal action, demanding their right to equal pay between the men and women's league.

Definitely worth the watch, no matter what your stance is on this!

Watch the whole piece below!

In my opinion, YOU GO LADIES!

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@Jaybird816 totally - plus i cant imagine not being paid if they lose! wth is that all about?!
@sophiamor yeah that's crazy. if they don't win the lawsuit that's just messed up. i have met some very talented females within different professions and alot of time they are underpaid. which is bullshit. Come America it's time to realize that women are people and are equally entitled or should be. This is 2016 not 1950 got that beaver. Geee wally you're smart 馃榿
These girls are badass - they deserve all that they are fighting for PLUS more!
go girls, gooooooooo!!!!! The Football is first game:)! (real football)... ;)
world champion team have no money... there more than sad.. 馃様